Corporate Fitness

Corporate and Employee Wellness Programs are unmatched here at Premiere Health and Fitness. Offering a full spectrum of services including on-site fitness classes, Biometrics, health checkups, consulting, yearly flu shots, grocery store tours and so much more. With a full-time nurse practitioner, physical therapist and a fully degreed-only training staff, Premier Health and Fitness is able to offer a full array of medical services alongside our industry leading fitness programs. Premier Health has well established relationships with all of the major health insurance companies to provide savings on company and employee health insurance costs. 

Corporate Package

  • Two back-to-back Quick paced 30-minute class optimized to burn high calories
  • Features: cardio, weights, and core strength exercises
  • Classes scheduled based on company request
  • 10-20 participants per tour
  • Develop navigational skills, explore nutritional facts and labels, discover areas to avoid
  • Ge the most out of your nutrition and grocery store trip in time savvy manor
  • One-on-one personal training at employee discount
  • Once-a-month catered lunch at no cost to participates attending no less than 50% of program
  • 45 min – 1-hour seminars focused on health, fitness, and nutrition
  • Features: interactive segments, Q&A, and cooking demonstrations
  • Assessments: body measurements, BMI, body fat, strength and endurance testing
  • Biometric Testing: blood pressure, glucose testing, cholesterol (total, HGL, LDL, triglycerides)
  • Nicotine Screening
  • Yoga or specialized stretching classes in lieu of 1-2 Power 30 classes per week at no cost
  • Employees may choose from a pool of off-site classes in addition to corporate-sponsored classes
  • Personalized advice regarding fitness equipment purchases, design of fitness center, and all fitness and nutrition offerings
  • Wide variety of health services including yearly flu shots, Hepatitis shots, B12 energy breaks, and physical exams
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